God is not good;
God is goodness.
God is not loving;
God is love.
God is not wise;
God is wisdom.
God is all.

Are you spiritual, but haven’t found a church that fits?

celebrationUnity of Port St. Lucie welcomes people of all religions, races and lifestyles in the common quest for unity with God. This embracing Christian community interprets the Bible metaphysically. Messages are deeply spiritual, life affirming, and inspiring to those ready to hear. God is good all the time, for example. There is nothing to do to win God’s favor is another example. Each of us has the ability to create our own reality and, indeed, we do.  Heaven is not a place; rather it is a state of consciousness. Sunday’s service feels like church but different than traditional church. Join this loving, embracing spiritual community who accepts everyone right where they’re at and with no regard for race, religion, creed, sexual preference, or economic status. Experience this community who strives to walk and live as the Master Teacher did.

Join us Sundays at 10 a.m.
Rev. Ron Neff touches hearts and teaches with wisdom and compassion. He interprets the Bible metaphysically and connects ancient wisdom with modern-day teachers in ways that both instruct and inspire. He provides real tools to use navigating life’s challenges. Rev. Ron’s insights provide the answers many are seeking.

Opportunities to Connect, Study, Grow and Serve

Armand & Angelina

Armand & Angelina

New Thought Musical Variety Show
Saturday, February 13, 6:30 p.m.
Prepare for a magical, once-in-a-lifetime experience of love and music. Armand and Angelina tour internationally performing their World Popera overture, a fusion of world, classical and popular influences designed to harmonize and unite humanity. Together, using songs, stories and humor, they will inspire you to experience “Heaven on Earth.” Learn more

Native Flute Playshop
Sunday, February 14, after our 10 a.m. Service
Are you ready to play the Native American Flute?
For centuries people have been  mesmerized by the hypnotic sounds from these gentle, easy-to-play flutes. Whether you have a musical background or have always wanted to play a musical instrument, this playshop is for everyone. We will have practice flutes, or you may purchase one from us. Presented by Armand and Angelina. $20 suggested offering.

Prayer Circle
Thursdays, 11-11:30 a.m.
Bring prayer requests and join us for prayer.

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