God is not good;
God is goodness.
God is not loving;
God is love.
God is not wise;
God is wisdom.
God is all.

Are you spiritual, but haven’t found a church that fits?

Rev. Linda Machesic

Rev. Linda Machesic

Unity of Port St. Lucie welcomes people of all religions, races and lifestyles in the common quest for unity with God. Unity invites people to enter a sacred space that is loving, accepting and nurturing to their own spiritual journey. Unity offers practical spiritual teachings that empower abundant and meaningful living. We refer to ourselves as “culturally Christian and universally inclusive,” meaning that we recognize truth in all of the world’s sacred scriptures and faith traditions and view each person as a unique expression of the divine energy we call God (by many names). There are nearly 1,000 Unity churches and study groups around the world.

Join us Sundays at 10 a.m.

EasterBanner710x164Sunday, April 5 – EASTER – “Ascending Thru Grace”
On this Easter Sunday, Rev. Linda speaks about ascending from race consciousness through grace consciousness.  Race consciousness has nothing to do with an individuals’ race or ethnicity.  It has to do with the consciousness of the human race.  Sometimes, often times even, we want to ascend or rise above it.  The Easter story of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection is a perfect illustration of the ascension available to each of us.  Paul of the New Testament said, “I die daily.”  What does that mean and how does the Easter story help us understand this movement from race to grace.  Join us and celebrate Easter by considering a different interpretation of Jesus’ experience.

Anthony Chambers

Anthony Chambers

Sunday, April 12 – “We Express God”
This Sunday, Anthony Chambers, radio show host and vocalist extraordinaire, speaks.  His message is that our mere existence on this plane is an expression of God.  Our ability to create our experiences by thought and feeling is evidence of our ability to express and wield God’s power.  Join us as we explore our potential to deliberately operate within this exquisitely responsive universe of abundant good to become fuller expressions of the Divine.  It is ours for the taking.

Sunday, April 19 – “Shifting Gears”
Rev. Linda elaborates on our individual movement from race consciousness to grace consciousness.  What is grace?  How do we attain it?  Must we earn it?  Have you ever said, “There but for the grace of God go I?”  What is implied by that statement?  Do we really mean it?  Join us as Rev. Linda explores the religious history of grace and its movement in our lives.  She invites us to consider our core beliefs around grace and consider whether they are currently serving us.  As always, her invitation to examine our beliefs is done with love and a healthy dose of humor.

Sunday, April 26 – “Four Legged Ministers”
Rev. Linda introduces us to broader definitions of minister and ministry than the ones we normally call upon.  For example, therapy dogs minister in a way every bit as meaningful, if not more meaningful in some cases, than she can and does.  Today, she shares the platform with such a four legged minister.  In fact, you will be greeted today by this four legged minister.  You’ll learn how this therapy dog meditates.  You’ll learn how to call on her services and when to call on her.  Join us for a very warm, touching, illustrative lesson this morning.  Meet Coco and let her minister to you.

Additional Opportunities to Connect, Study, Grow and Serve

e-squaredBook Study: E²
Sundays, April 5 and 26, Noon-1 p.m.
We are discussing by Pam Grout. Jack Canfield says, “I absolutely love this book. Pam has combined a writing style as funny as Ellen DeGeneres with wisdom as deep and profound as Deepak Chopra’s.” True, true, true! Pam Grout speaks with brutal, humorous honest about proving the existence of God once and for all, as well as proving our own attributes of God! Proof comes in the form of scientific experiments we can all do.  Join us for fun and illumination. All are welcome.

Reiki Spot Healing
Third Sunday each month, noon-12:30 p.m.
Join us as our Reiki practitioners provide spot treatments for free-will love offering. Our Reiki practitioners love to serve and await the opportunity to serve you.

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