God is not good;
God is goodness.
God is not loving;
God is love.
God is not wise;
God is wisdom.
God is all.

Are you spiritual, but haven’t found a church that fits?

Rev. Linda Machesic

Rev. Linda Machesic

Unity of Port St. Lucie welcomes people of all religions, races and lifestyles in the common quest for unity with God. Unity invites people to enter a sacred space that is loving, accepting and nurturing to their own spiritual journey. Unity offers practical spiritual teachings that empower abundant and meaningful living. We refer to ourselves as “culturally Christian and universally inclusive,” meaning that we recognize truth in all of the world’s sacred scriptures and faith traditions and view each person as a unique expression of the divine energy we call God (by many names). There are nearly 1,000 Unity churches and study groups around the world.

Join us Sundays at 10 a.m.

Sunday, March 1 – “There Is Only God”
Anthony Chambers and Rev. Linda tell us there is just one power in our lives – God! There is no satan, no devil, and no boogeyman under the bed; there is only God! When it feels differently it is because we have lost sight of this foundational belief that there is only God. It takes great courage to live life believing and knowing that there is only God. Unity practices such a life.  Come and hear more about practicing this Principle in your own life.

Greg Tamblyn

Greg Tamblyn

Sunday, March 8 – “The Sacred and the Silly”   
Guest speaker Greg Tamblyn weaves together a sacred lesson experience with funny, award-wining songs, stories, a meditation, and powerful group meditation music. Congregants get filled up with a healthy dose of music and laughter, plus a profound experience of the Sacred. Join us today for love and laughter – followed by a positively delicious potluck! (Evening Concert at 6 p.m.; see video and details below.)

Sunday, March 15 – “You and God Are One”
Anthony Chambers tells us God is the Divine Reminder of our inherent worthiness, for God lives within us. The intricacies of the human body and its miraculous healing power are God expressing God within us. In fact, God is Life itself. We cannot be separate from Life so we cannot be separate from God! We can feel separate but we are not – ever!

Sunday, March 22 – “You Are A Creator”
Rev. Linda teaches us how we create our lives – consciously or not. The difference is everything. Either we become aware of our power as creators or we continue to go through life like a bumper car in a carnival. We make all the difference in our own lives and in the world as we move up against everyone else’s energy field. Is your ride smooth or bumpy? If smooth is your desire, come and heart how to have that kind of ride.

rose2Sunday, March 29 – “Come to Your Jerusalem”
Rev. Linda blesses us with a rose and a blessing as we enter into our own Jerusalem. Just as Jesus, our Wayshower, entered Jerusalem, we enter ours. Metaphysically, Jerusalem is the place of spiritual peace where we bloom with spiritual strength. We stand in Jerusalem in our own power and declare our allegiance to the Power within us. Today, we’ll set the intention together. Come today and receive your own blessing.

Sunday Evening Concert – A Healthy Dose of Comic Relief
Sunday, March 8, 6-9 p.m.

Award-winning musician and comedian Greg Tamblyn has been performing at churches for twenty years. His Comedy Concerts feature award-winning songs and stories, both heartfelt and hilarious. Bring friends and family along for a night to remember. Tickets are $15 at the door. Arrive early to ensure a good seat.

Additional Opportunities to Connect, Study, Grow and Serve

e-squaredBook Study: E²
Sundays, March 1 & 22, Noon-1 p.m.
We are beginning by Pam Grout. Jack Canfield says, “I absolutely love this book. Pam has combined a writing style as funny as Ellen DeGeneres with wisdom as deep and profound as Deepak Chopra’s.” True, true, true! Pam Grout speaks with brutal, humorous honest about proving the existence of God once and for all, as well as proving our own attributes of God! Proof comes in the form of scientific experiments we can all do.  Join us for fun and illumination. All are welcome.

Reiki Spot Healing
Third Sunday each month, noon-12:30 p.m.
Join us as our Reiki practitioners provide spot treatments for free-will love offering. Our Reiki practitioners love to serve and await the opportunity to serve you.

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